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Cronatec is a small, highly innovative Swiss company of watch developers. We supply our concepts and designs to large manufacturers and produce new mechanical and electronic watches with them. With our watches, not only technology and aesthetics are right. We also take care of the philosophy of our products and show their importance in the historical development.

For each watch project, Cronatec works in an interdisciplinary team that brings together not only watch engineers, but also professional representatives, historians, computer scientists, sales specialists, web experts, et cetera.

On this website you will find ready-made concepts and watches that you can buy. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our ideas and results.

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The Bühlmann Decompression 01

The «Mother» of all Diving Watches

Philosophical aspects about time
Slide 1
Clocks are the Zen gardens of time.
Slide 2
Does time exist?
Possibly it is only an emergence from the 2nd basic law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation of energy.
Only when entropy sets in does time play a role.
Slide 2a
It's decay that teaches us time.
Slide 3
Time is a function of place – and vice versa.
Slide 4
Temporal processes are bound to temperature.
At the absolute zero point of temperature, time «freezes».
Slide 5
Eternity and infinity are mathematical and religious concepts.
They are not part of the real world.
Slide 6
Mathematical consistency makes us accept that our perceived world comprises only 4% of the total energy and matter of the universe.
Slide 7
The sense of time arises from the perception of cycles.
Slide 8
Time is a linear convention - life is an up and down wave motion.
Slide 9
Time on clocks has a duration. Time in the flow of life has a quality.
Slide 10
Time is survival. Survival is power.
Slide 11
Time cannot be collected, but clocks can.
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