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BH01-DK Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch

Limited Angel Edition of 39

Swiss Sellita SW261 automatic small seconds movement
Matte “Druckkammer” colour scheme dial
57.5ATM/575m/1886ft WR
Helium valve
Bühlmann security stops bezel
Inner ADT bezel
5 Degrees case inclination
Fly-no fly indicator
Rubber strap

Swiss made

BH01-BLACK Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch

Watches from the Swiss pioneer and scientist of depth. Integrating the famous Bühlmann tables that are based on the decompression algorithm developed by A. Bühlmann. They made safe commercial, military and recreational diving possible.

Incorporating 30 years of breathing science, the Decompression 01 features a Bühlmann 0-700 ASL decompression stops bezel and an innovative security push-lock bezel system. Developed with the son of Albert Bühlmann, Thomas Bühlmann, and the Bühmann Team. By divers for divers.

The Watch

Water-resistant to 57.5 ATM. Helium valve and professional dive watch features. The minute hands is the design highlight because it measures actual dive time (ADT) and decompression security stops time which are shown on the outside and inner turning bezels. These values have to be easy to read. The case has a 5 degree inclination to facilitate the dial readability.

The Algorithm: pt tol i.g.= (p amb/b) + a

The Bühlmann decompression algorithm has been developed through real dive tests and dives in the Hyperbaric Chamber – the «Druckkammer» – of the Zürich University Hospital. It had capability to perform dive experiments up to a depth of 1000 meters. The Albert Bühlmann decompression algorithm integrated in his tables and circular calculator. The bezel features the Bühlmann decompression scale to manage security stops.

The Druckkammer

At the beginning of the 1970’s, the old hyperbaric chamber of the University of Zurich met the requirements for a modern laboratory less and less. The diving depth was limited to 300 meters. The space was also limited, especially with regard to the treatment of accident victims. There was also no water tank in which diving missions in the water could be simulated. In addition, there was no efficient helium cleaning and recovery system. With the financial help of the Canton of Zürich, the Federal Military Department and Shell International a new state-of-the art hyperbaric chamber was built. This new overpressure chamber with a water tank was designed for an overpressure of 101ata, which corresponds to a depth of 1000m. The new hyperbaric chamber was put into operation in 1975.

Swiss made

Technically developed, industrialised, manufactured and hand assembled in Switzerland.

The Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch – The «Mother» of all Diving Watches

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