Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch

The «Mother» of all Dive Watches

Swiss Made

The Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch ist technically developed, industrialised, manufactured and hand assembled in Switzerland.

Dive Specs

575M-1866FT water-resistant construction, helium valve, safety lock-open decompression bezel, inner 60min ADT turning bezel, big minutes hand, 5 degrees case inclination and ana-digi time display. Fly-no fly indicator. Intercheangeable security stop bezels.


Swiss Sellita SW261 automatic small seconds movement.

Top Grade

Superior machine finishing. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal. X1 grade Superluminova® luminous. 316L Stainless Steel case. Genuine rubber strap.


The bezel features the Bühlmann Decompression Dive Watch scale to manage security stops.


Water-resistant to 575m – 1668ft with helium valve.

5 Degrees

A dial inclination of 5 degrees optimises the dial readability for diving.


The turning bezel mechanism locks and releases the crowns and helium valve.

meet the bühlmann decompression
meet albert a. bühlmann

Professor Albert Alois  Bühlmann (1923 – 1994) was a Swiss physician who significantly contributed to decompression science at the University Hospital in Zürich. His significant impact on diving ranged from complex commercial and military diving to recreational diving. He is held in high regard for his professional ethics and attention to his research subjects.

His decompression model and gas mixture procedure were the requirement to multiple diving records: 1959 Lake Zürich, Switzerland (120M), 1961 Brissago, Switzerland (220M), 1962 Catalina Islands, California (311M), 1966 Porto San Stefano, Italy (220M exposure to saturation), 1969 Alverstoke, UK (350M exposure to saturation) and finally in 1981 the  575M record in the Zürich hyperbaric chamber. From 1964 onwards he has been concentrating on safe decompression procedures for professional divers on long-term dives to great depths that have allowed the development of new oil and gas fields in the area of the continental shelf.

The results of Bühlmann’s research that began in 1959 were published in his book «Decompression». This book is regarded as the most complete public reference on decompression calculations and was used soon after in dive computer algorithms.